John Caldwell grave monument in Kew St Anne burial ground, Richmond upon Thames, London, England

John Caldwell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Caldwell
Isabella Page Caldwell
183981831daughter of John Caldwell
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image: 407
grave: 436653
Johan Zoffanij
image number 407
image: 414
grave: 436654
Thomas Catling Reeve
image number 414
image: 417
grave: 436655
Joseph Hooker
image number 417
image: 420
grave: 436656
Mary Chignell
image number 420
image: 422
grave: 436657
Sarah Barter
image number 422
image: 423
grave: 436658
image number 423
image: 424
grave: 436659
Maria Glassford Gooding
image number 424
image: 426
grave: 436660
Alexander Cruckshanks
image number 426
image: 427
grave: 436661
John Maxwell
image number 427
image: 430
grave: 436662
Edward John Gustavus Martin
image number 430
image: 432
grave: 436663
John Caldwell
image number 432
image: 435
grave: 436664
Edward Scard
image number 435
image: 438
grave: 436665
Ann Haverfield
image number 438
image: 442
grave: 436666
John Lawrence
image number 442
image: 444
grave: 436667
Dorothy Miller
image number 444
image: 445
grave: 436668
H White
image number 445
image: 449
grave: 436669
Allan MacDonald
image number 449
image: 451
grave: 436670
William Lever?
image number 451
image: 452
grave: 436671
Elizabeth Snosswell
image number 452
image: 453
grave: 436672
William Burrows
image number 453
image: 455
grave: 436673
Richard Darlington
image number 455

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