Beatrice Daisy Norfolk grave monument in Holy Trinity , Dacre Banks, Yorkshire, England

Beatrice Daisy Norfolk grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Beatrice Daisy Norfolk
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Beatrice Daisy Norfolk grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 43255)

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image: 0134
grave: 43245
Joseph Arthur Jones
image number 0134
image: 0135
grave: 43246
Kathleen Mary Petty
image number 0135
image: 0136
grave: 43247
Elizabeth Grange
image number 0136
image: 0137
grave: 43248
James Grange
image number 0137
image: 0138
grave: 43249
Alice Scatchard
image number 0138
image: 0139
grave: 43250
Grace Scatchard
image number 0139
image: 0140
grave: 43251
Mary Anne Barker
image number 0140
image: 0141
grave: 43252
David Peter Ian Barker
image number 0141
image: 0142
grave: 43253
Alice Mary Metcalfe
image number 0142
image: 0143
grave: 43254
Annie D Metcalfe
image number 0143
image: 0144
grave: 43255
Beatrice Daisy Norfolk
image number 0144
image: 0145
grave: 43256
Anthony Clough Hallas
image number 0145
image: 0146
grave: 43257
Albert M Metcalfe
image number 0146
image: 0147
grave: 43258
Christina Isobel Gilchrist
image number 0147
image: 0148
grave: 43259
Gwendoline E Metcalfe
image number 0148
image: 0149
grave: 43260
Phyllis McLagan
image number 0149
image: 0150
grave: 43261
Ann Gibson
image number 0150
image: 0151
grave: 43262
Alice E Greenleaves
image number 0151
image: 0152
grave: 43263
Robert Benson
image number 0152
image: 0153
grave: 43264
Henry Feary
image number 0153
image: 0154
grave: 43265
George Snowden
image number 0154

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