Stephen James Beharrell grave monument in Holy Trinity burial ground, Coates, Cambridgeshire, England

Stephen James Beharrell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Stephen James Beharrell
Kate Beharrell
1955771878wife of Stephen James Beharrell
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image: DSCF0008
grave: 426048
Joyce Olive Margaret Overton
image number DSCF0008
image: DSCF0055
grave: 426049
Margaret Raymonde Stephens
image number DSCF0055
image: DSCF0067
grave: 426050
Samuel Bishop
image number DSCF0067
image: DSCF0071
grave: 426051
Frederick Taylor
image number DSCF0071
image: DSCF0081
grave: 426052
John Corney
image number DSCF0081
image: DSCF0089
grave: 426053
Mary Ann Goody
image number DSCF0089
image: DSCF0100
grave: 426054
Stephen James Beharrell
image number DSCF0100
image: DSCF0105
grave: 426055
Ada Canham
image number DSCF0105
image: DSCF0118
grave: 426056
Mary Jane Nightingale
image number DSCF0118
image: DSCF0119
grave: 426057
Lizzie Ashworth
image number DSCF0119
image: DSCF0120
grave: 426058
Martha Favell
image number DSCF0120
image: DSCF0125
grave: 426059
Algernon Stocks Johnson
image number DSCF0125
image: DSCF0146
grave: 426060
Thomas Blunt
image number DSCF0146
image: DSCF0147
grave: 426061
Elizabeth Rowell
image number DSCF0147
image: DSCF0159
grave: 426062
Olive Freeman
image number DSCF0159
image: DSCF0160
grave: 426063
Irene Mary Rust
image number DSCF0160
image: DSCF0174
grave: 426064
Mary Ann Tabbitt
image number DSCF0174

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