Reginald Alexander Cotter grave monument in Lynes Naval , Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Reginald Alexander Cotter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Midshipman Reginald Alexander Cotter
01 March 1917201897first name on monumentDrowned in loss of H.M.S. Pheasant. Eldest son. Born at Liverpool. The destroyer struck a mine off Rora Head on 1st March 1917. All crew were lost and only R A Cotter's body was recovered. The mine was laid by the German submarine U80 on 21st January 1917. The wreck has been located during an archaeological maritime survey in August 2017 using multi-beam sonar. The wreck is protected as a designated vessel under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.
Alexander Cotter
father of Reginald Alexander Cotterof Alston Brookhurst Rd.; Bromborough; Cheshire
Mary E Cotter
mother of Reginald Alexander Cotterof Alston Brookhurst Rd.; Bromborough; Cheshire
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Dennis Connell
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George Edward Connelly
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Frederick Cook
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grave: 423933
William Cook
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Ernest Edward Coomber
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Norman Cooper
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Robert Cooper
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Samuel Thomas Cooper
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Henry Alfred Cordier
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Arthur Ernest Cossey
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grave: 423940
Reginald Alexander Cotter
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Henry Perceval Coode Cotton
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Charles Henry Couch
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Clifton Rexford Coughlin
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Jesse Edmund Covey
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Denis C Cowie
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William John Cowley
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Joseph William Cox
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William Cragg
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Frederick Craig
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James Crawford
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