Louisa Ann Cater grave monument in St Peter burial ground, Fremington, Devon, England

Louisa Ann Cater grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Louisa Ann Cater
George Arthur Cater
1953851868husband of Louisa Ann Cater
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image: 377
grave: 42033
Sophia Ann Welch
image number 377
image: 378
grave: 42034
Wilfred James Johns
image number 378
image: 379
grave: 42035
Frederick John Harris
image number 379
image: 380
grave: 42036
Elizabeth Saward
image number 380
image: 381
grave: 42037
Alexander Pidler
image number 381
image: 382
grave: 42038
Arthur Bennet
image number 382
image: 383
grave: 42039
Louisa Furseman Ward
image number 383
image: 384
grave: 42040
John Braunton
image number 384
image: 385
grave: 42041
Eva Wells
image number 385
image: 386
grave: 42042
Ann Bennett
image number 386
image: 387
grave: 42043
Louisa Ann Cater
image number 387
image: 388
grave: 42044
Daisy Florence Ley
image number 388
image: 389
grave: 42045
Herbert Montague Rumble
image number 389
image: 391
grave: 42046
Mary Jane Carter Hutchings
image number 391
image: 394
grave: 42047
John Webb
image number 394
image: 395
grave: 42048
James Johns
image number 395
image: 396
grave: 42049
John Hockin
image number 396
image: 397
grave: 42050
John Butler
image number 397
image: 398
grave: 42051
James Passmore
image number 398
image: 399
grave: 42052
John Gayton
image number 399
image: 400
grave: 42053
Emma Ellen Prust
image number 400

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