Mary Josephine Frankau grave monument in Kensal Green St Mary RC (pt1) cemetery, Kensington and Chelsea, London, England

Mary Josephine Frankau grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Josephine Frankau
Henry Frankau
husband of Mary Josephine Frankau
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Mary Josephine Frankau grave location

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image: SMKGMorson1
grave: 415947
Augustine Emelie Heloise Morson
image number SMKGMorson1
image: SMKGMontealgre1
grave: 415948
Emilia M Montealegre
image number SMKGMontealgre1
image: SMKGCornish1
grave: 415949
Edward Cornish
image number SMKGCornish1
image: SMKGBarthelemeh
grave: 415950
Frances Barthelemeh
image number SMKGBarthelemeh
image: SMKGCarminati1
grave: 415951
Ottavia Caterina Carminati
image number SMKGCarminati1
image: SMKGBehr1
grave: 415952
Valentine Behr
image number SMKGBehr1
image: SMKGMurphyEM
grave: 415953
Mary Murphy
image number SMKGMurphyEM
image: SMKGJacksonG
grave: 415954
George Jackson
image number SMKGJacksonG
image: SMKGValeHE
grave: 415955
Harry Vale
image number SMKGValeHE
image: SMKGMahoneyC
grave: 415956
Margaret Mahony
image number SMKGMahoneyC
image: SMKGFrankau
grave: 415957
Mary Josephine Frankau
image number SMKGFrankau
image: SMKGHarnett1
grave: 415958
Mary Ellen Harnett
image number SMKGHarnett1
image: SMKGSturt1
grave: 415959
Anna Maria Sturt
image number SMKGSturt1
image: SMKGDefer
grave: 415960
Augustin Defer
image number SMKGDefer
image: SMKGTaylorGJ
grave: 415961
George Thomas Taylor
image number SMKGTaylorGJ
image: SMKGWhiteEA
grave: 415962
E M A White
image number SMKGWhiteEA
image: SMKGTaylorGR1
grave: 415963
George Paul Taylor
image number SMKGTaylorGR1
image: SMKGHarrington1
grave: 415964
Annie Harrington
image number SMKGHarrington1
image: SMKGRanken1
grave: 415965
George Elliot Ranken
image number SMKGRanken1
image: SMKGDelCampo1
grave: 415966
Pablo Martinez del Campo
image number SMKGDelCampo1
image: SMKGCampbell1
grave: 415967
Charles Edward Campbell
image number SMKGCampbell1

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