James Buckland grave monument in Amesbury (area B) , Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

James Buckland grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Buckland
18/12/1933721861first name on monumentBlacksmith born c1861 Winchester
Helen May Buckland nee Hawkes
12/08/19877820/12/1908daughter-in-law of James BucklandIndex says 1908; gravestone 1909
Ivor Harold Buckland
07/07/19787519/11/1902son of James Bucklandborn Amesbury; Wilts
Louisa Jane Buckland nee Maidment
12/01/1965951870wife of James Bucklandborn c1870 Semley
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grave: 411526
Wilfred George Latimer
image number IMG_2915
image: IMG_2916
grave: 411527
Edmund Mundy
image number IMG_2916
image: IMG_2918
grave: 411528
Mabel Maude Elsey
image number IMG_2918
image: IMG_2920
grave: 411529
Elisabeth Hitchcock Stevenson
image number IMG_2920
image: IMG_2921
grave: 411530
Ernest Charles Hallett
image number IMG_2921
image: IMG_2922
grave: 411531
Sarah Hallett
image number IMG_2922
image: IMG_2923
grave: 411532
Robert John Corp
image number IMG_2923
image: IMG_2924
grave: 411533
Elsie M M Gardner
image number IMG_2924
image: IMG_2925
grave: 411534
Cyril James Barron
image number IMG_2925
image: IMG_2930
grave: 411535
Jane Fownes
image number IMG_2930
image: IMG_2932
grave: 411536
James Buckland
image number IMG_2932
image: IMG_2935
grave: 411537
Philip William Weston
image number IMG_2935
image: IMG_2936
grave: 411538
Margaret Newton
image number IMG_2936
image: IMG_2937
grave: 411539
Henry Charles Newton
image number IMG_2937
image: IMG_2938
grave: 411540
Reginald Yeates
image number IMG_2938
image: IMG_2939
grave: 411541
Patricia Trevett
image number IMG_2939
image: IMG_2940
grave: 411542
Arthur Montague Marles
image number IMG_2940
image: IMG_2942
grave: 411543
James Frank Gault
image number IMG_2942
image: IMG_2945
grave: 411544
Albert John Richards
image number IMG_2945
image: IMG_2946
grave: 411545
Florence F Yates
image number IMG_2946
image: IMG_2947
grave: 411546
William Richard Witt
image number IMG_2947

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