Thomas Denholm grave monument in St Patrick burial ground, New Stevenston, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Thomas Denholm grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Denholm
James Denholm
196191952son of Thomas Denholm
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Thomas Denholm grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 406950)

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image: IMG_1054
grave: 406940
Isabella McGuire
image number IMG_1054
image: IMG_1055
grave: 406941
John Burns
image number IMG_1055
image: IMG_1056
grave: 406942
John Steel
image number IMG_1056
image: IMG_1057
grave: 406943
Catherine McGill
image number IMG_1057
image: IMG_1058
grave: 406944
image number IMG_1058
image: IMG_1059
grave: 406945
Thomas Gilligan
image number IMG_1059
image: IMG_1060
grave: 406946
Richard Lee
image number IMG_1060
image: IMG_1061
grave: 406947
John Ward
image number IMG_1061
image: IMG_1062
grave: 406948
Frank McKenna
image number IMG_1062
image: IMG_1063
grave: 406949
Mary Ann McGovern
image number IMG_1063
image: IMG_1064
grave: 406950
Thomas Denholm
image number IMG_1064
image: IMG_1065
grave: 406951
John Merrilees
image number IMG_1065
image: IMG_1066
grave: 406952
Hugh Collins Thomson
image number IMG_1066
image: IMG_1067
grave: 406953
Rose Doran
image number IMG_1067
image: IMG_1068
grave: 406954
John Skelton
image number IMG_1068
image: IMG_1069
grave: 406955
Hugh Reynolds
image number IMG_1069
image: IMG_1070
grave: 406956
Winifred Mallon
image number IMG_1070
image: IMG_1071
grave: 406957
Joseph Delaney
image number IMG_1071
image: IMG_1072
grave: 406958
Elizabeth Maher
image number IMG_1072
image: IMG_1073
grave: 406959
Henry Cassidy
image number IMG_1073
image: IMG_1074
grave: 406960
Thomas McGinn
image number IMG_1074

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