Harry Charles Bailey grave monument in St Mary Magdalene burial ground, Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

Harry Charles Bailey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harry Charles Bailey
22 December 20119530 December 1915
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image: P1090599
grave: 395373
Eileen Mellifont R Benson
image number P1090599
image: P1090600
grave: 395374
Nicole Julia Eley Long
image number P1090600
image: P1090601
grave: 395375
Kathleen Lailey
image number P1090601
image: P1090602
grave: 395376
Pat Pearce
image number P1090602
image: P1090603
grave: 395377
Audrey (edith N C) De Vere
image number P1090603
image: P1090604
grave: 395378
Penelope Tamara Surgey
image number P1090604
image: P1090605
grave: 395379
Graham Anthony Wood
image number P1090605
image: P1090606
grave: 395380
John Howell
image number P1090606
image: P1090607
grave: 395381
Reginald J(ohn) W Clements
image number P1090607
image: P1090608
grave: 395382
Basil Henry Charlwood
image number P1090608
image: P1090609
grave: 395383
Harry Charles Bailey
image number P1090609
image: P1090610
grave: 395384
Mark Andrew Rugg-Gunn
image number P1090610
image: P1090611
grave: 395385
Thomas Roy Scattergood
image number P1090611
image: P1090612
grave: 395386
Anne Downie Harwood
image number P1090612
image: P1090613
grave: 395387
Frederick Russell Schofield
image number P1090613
image: P1090614
grave: 395388
Margaret Primrose James
image number P1090614
image: P1090615
grave: 395389
Dorothy Jordan
image number P1090615
image: P1090616
grave: 395390
Ida May Pates
image number P1090616
image: P1090617
grave: 395391
Elizabeth Gallagher
image number P1090617
image: P1090618
grave: 395392
Nora Mary Dobson
image number P1090618
image: P1090620
grave: 395393
Louie James
image number P1090620

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