Ellen Boulton grave monument in St Mary Magdalene , Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

Ellen Boulton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ellen Boulton
07 October 1937621875first name on monument
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image: P1090441
grave: 395256
Ellen M Butler
image number P1090441
image: P1090442
grave: 395257
Evelyn Brooksbank
image number P1090442
image: P1090444
grave: 395258
Emily Ellen Glover
image number P1090444
image: P1090445
grave: 395259
Frank Rouse
image number P1090445
image: P1090446
grave: 395260
Frederick Charles Halling
image number P1090446
image: P1090447
grave: 395261
John Henry Gosling
image number P1090447
image: P1090448
grave: 395262
Bernard Walter Hochkins
image number P1090448
image: P1090449
grave: 395263
Mary Jane Spry
image number P1090449
image: P1090450
grave: 395264
James Walter Smith
image number P1090450
image: P1090451
grave: 395265
George Boulton
image number P1090451
image: P1090452
grave: 395266
Ellen Boulton
image number P1090452
image: P1090456
grave: 395267
Eliza Cartwright
image number P1090456
image: P1090457
grave: 395268
William Henry Warner
image number P1090457
image: P1090458
grave: 395269
Joseph Pendry
image number P1090458
image: P1090459
grave: 395270
George Frederick Warner
image number P1090459
image: P1090460
grave: 395271
Cecil Thomas Warner
image number P1090460
image: P1090461
grave: 395272
Phyllis Katherine Finch
image number P1090461
image: P1090462
grave: 395273
William Thomas Roberts
image number P1090462
image: P1090465
grave: 395274
Mary Ann Price
image number P1090465
image: P1090466
grave: 395275
Emily Josephine Parker
image number P1090466
image: P1090467
grave: 395276
Graham Arnold
image number P1090467

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