Sarah Grace Donne Healing grave monument in St Mary Magdalene , Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

Sarah Grace Donne Healing grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sarah Grace Donne Healing
1939721867first name on monument
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image: P1090414
grave: 395233
Les(lie Claude) Cash
image number P1090414
image: P1090415
grave: 395234
Iris Mary Davis
image number P1090415
image: P1090416
grave: 395235
Edith Eveline Violet J Badley
image number P1090416
image: P1090417
grave: 395236
Walter Pates
image number P1090417
image: P1090418
grave: 395237
Albert Israel Milton
image number P1090418
image: P1090419
grave: 395238
John Edward Milton
image number P1090419
image: P1090420
grave: 395239
Dorothy Milton
image number P1090420
image: P1090421
grave: 395240
Nellie Page
image number P1090421
image: P1090422
grave: 395241
Charles Kerchever Arnold
image number P1090422
image: P1090424
grave: 395242
Alfred Ernest Healing
image number P1090424
image: P1090425
grave: 395243
Sarah Grace Donne Healing
image number P1090425
image: P1090426
grave: 395244
Frederick Charles Griffiths
image number P1090426
image: P1090428
grave: 395245
Laura E Hawkes
image number P1090428
image: P1090429
grave: 395246
J Meadows
image number P1090429
image: P1090430
grave: 395247
Agnes Warner
image number P1090430
image: P1090431
grave: 395248
Lilian Margaret Thomas
image number P1090431
image: P1090432
grave: 395249
Emily Ann Thomas
image number P1090432
image: P1090433
grave: 395250
Evelynn Horace Thomas
image number P1090433
image: P1090436
grave: 395251
Albert Halling
image number P1090436
image: P1090437
grave: 395252
Sarah Ann Glover
image number P1090437
image: P1090438
grave: 395253
William Wakefield
image number P1090438

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