Charles Kerchever Arnold grave monument in St Mary Magdalene , Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

Charles Kerchever Arnold grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Kerchever Arnold
17 October 1956391917first name on monument
Lettice Annie Arnold
29 December 1968901878relationship not given of Charles Kerchever Arnold
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image: P1090307
grave: 395167
Thomas Walker
image number P1090307
image: P1090308
grave: 395168
John Page
image number P1090308
image: P1090309
grave: 395169
Samuel Nash
image number P1090309
image: P1090315
grave: 395170
Mary Davis
image number P1090315
image: P1090316
grave: 395171
William Heath
image number P1090316
image: P1090317
grave: 395172
Ian Clements
image number P1090317
image: P1090318
grave: 395173
Alan Clements
image number P1090318
image: P1090319
grave: 395174
Ernest Frank Taylor
image number P1090319
image: P1090320
grave: 395175
Frederick Arthur Barnfield
image number P1090320
image: P1090321
grave: 395176
Frederick Harold (f) Allen
image number P1090321
image: P1090322
grave: 395177
Florence Elizabeth Clements
image number P1090322
image: P1090323
grave: 395178
Flora Emily Cumberlin
image number P1090323
image: P1090324
grave: 395179
Howard Brookes
image number P1090324
image: P1090325
grave: 395180
Beatrice Mary Allen
image number P1090325
image: P1090326
grave: 395181
Philip Mew
image number P1090326
image: P1090327
grave: 395182
Jane Hudman
image number P1090327
image: P1090328
grave: 395183
Gladys Greening
image number P1090328
image: P1090329
grave: 395184
Florence Ellen Smith
image number P1090329
image: P1090333
grave: 395185
William Jeynes
image number P1090333
image: P1090334
grave: 395186
James Langley
image number P1090334
image: P1090336
grave: 395187
Ernest Pates
image number P1090336
image: P1090337
grave: 395188
Raymond Jeynes
image number P1090337
image: P1090338
grave: 395189
Frederick Hallett Howell
image number P1090338
image: P1090339
grave: 395190
W Woodward
image number P1090339
image: P1090342
grave: 395191
Thomas Dance
image number P1090342
image: P1090343
grave: 395192
Thomas Dance
image number P1090343
image: P1090344
grave: 395193
Thomas Dance
image number P1090344
image: P1090349
grave: 395194
Mary Merryman
image number P1090349
image: P1090350
grave: 395195
Esther Hale
image number P1090350
image: P1090358
grave: 395196
Francis Minett
image number P1090358
image: P1090364
grave: 395197
Edward Young
image number P1090364
image: P1090365
grave: 395198
William Young
image number P1090365
image: P1090366
grave: 395199
Frederick Daniel Hochkins
image number P1090366
image: P1090367
grave: 395200
Gladys M Salter
image number P1090367
image: P1090368
grave: 395201
Lewis Edward Manton
image number P1090368
image: P1090369
grave: 395202
Thomas John Green
image number P1090369
image: P1090370
grave: 395203
Sarah Ann Hunt
image number P1090370
image: P1090371
grave: 395204
W Young
image number P1090371
image: P1090372
grave: 395205
Joseph Jesse William Scrivens
image number P1090372
image: P1090373
grave: 395206
George William Scrivens
image number P1090373
image: P1090374
grave: 395207
William Wood
image number P1090374
image: P1090377
grave: 395208
Richard Glover
image number P1090377
image: P1090379
grave: 395209
Florence Anne Roberts
image number P1090379
image: P1090380
grave: 395210
Mary Ann Bennett
image number P1090380
image: P1090381
grave: 395211
Sydney Frederick Charles Flowers
image number P1090381
image: P1090383
grave: 395212
Caroline Mary Flowers
image number P1090383
image: P1090384
grave: 395213
Les(lie Charles) Flowers
image number P1090384
image: P1090385
grave: 395214
George Francis Atterbury Osborn
image number P1090385
image: P1090387
grave: 395215
Alfred James Holbourne
image number P1090387
image: P1090391
grave: 395216
George Roberts
image number P1090391
image: P1090392
grave: 395217
John Henry Housman
image number P1090392
image: P1090393
grave: 395218
Arthur Francis Halling
image number P1090393
image: P1090394
grave: 395219
Annie Elizabeth Leacey
image number P1090394
image: P1090395
grave: 395220
Lily Greening
image number P1090395
image: P1090397
grave: 395221
Alfred Wilkinson Cocking
image number P1090397
image: P1090398
grave: 395222
Samuel Thomas
image number P1090398
image: P1090403
grave: 395223
Eileen Clifford Fitzgerald
image number P1090403
image: P1090404
grave: 395224
C(hristopher F(rederick) H(enslowe) Wigan
image number P1090404
image: P1090405
grave: 395225
Ruth Damaris Wigan
image number P1090405
image: P1090407
grave: 395226
Guy Davis Henslowe Wigan
image number P1090407
image: P1090408
grave: 395227
Ralph George Smyth
image number P1090408
image: P1090409
grave: 395228
Francis William Wigan Bernard
image number P1090409
image: P1090410
grave: 395229
James Michael Bernard
image number P1090410
image: P1090411
grave: 395230
Katharine Etheldreda Bernard
image number P1090411
image: P1090412
grave: 395231
Philippa Mary Deloraine Wigan
image number P1090412
image: P1090413
grave: 395232
Kathleen May Greening
image number P1090413
image: P1090414
grave: 395233
Les(lie Claude) Cash
image number P1090414
image: P1090415
grave: 395234
Iris Mary Davis
image number P1090415
image: P1090416
grave: 395235
Edith Eveline Violet J Badley
image number P1090416
image: P1090417
grave: 395236
Walter Pates
image number P1090417
image: P1090418
grave: 395237
Albert Israel Milton
image number P1090418
image: P1090419
grave: 395238
John Edward Milton
image number P1090419
image: P1090420
grave: 395239
Dorothy Milton
image number P1090420
image: P1090421
grave: 395240
Nellie Page
image number P1090421
image: P1090422
grave: 395241
Charles Kerchever Arnold
image number P1090422
image: P1090424
grave: 395242
Alfred Ernest Healing
image number P1090424
image: P1090425
grave: 395243
Sarah Grace Donne Healing
image number P1090425
image: P1090426
grave: 395244
Frederick Charles Griffiths
image number P1090426
image: P1090428
grave: 395245
Laura E Hawkes
image number P1090428
image: P1090429
grave: 395246
J Meadows
image number P1090429
image: P1090430
grave: 395247
Agnes Warner
image number P1090430
image: P1090431
grave: 395248
Lilian Margaret Thomas
image number P1090431
image: P1090432
grave: 395249
Emily Ann Thomas
image number P1090432
image: P1090433
grave: 395250
Evelynn Horace Thomas
image number P1090433
image: P1090436
grave: 395251
Albert Halling
image number P1090436
image: P1090437
grave: 395252
Sarah Ann Glover
image number P1090437
image: P1090438
grave: 395253
William Wakefield
image number P1090438
image: P1090439
grave: 395254
Charles W Butler
image number P1090439
image: P1090440
grave: 395255
William Henry Butler
image number P1090440
image: P1090441
grave: 395256
Ellen M Butler
image number P1090441
image: P1090442
grave: 395257
Evelyn Brooksbank
image number P1090442
image: P1090444
grave: 395258
Emily Ellen Glover
image number P1090444
image: P1090445
grave: 395259
Frank Rouse
image number P1090445
image: P1090446
grave: 395260
Frederick Charles Halling
image number P1090446
image: P1090447
grave: 395261
John Henry Gosling
image number P1090447
image: P1090448
grave: 395262
Bernard Walter Hochkins
image number P1090448
image: P1090449
grave: 395263
Mary Jane Spry
image number P1090449
image: P1090450
grave: 395264
James Walter Smith
image number P1090450
image: P1090451
grave: 395265
George Boulton
image number P1090451
image: P1090452
grave: 395266
Ellen Boulton
image number P1090452
image: P1090456
grave: 395267
Eliza Cartwright
image number P1090456
image: P1090457
grave: 395268
William Henry Warner
image number P1090457
image: P1090458
grave: 395269
Joseph Pendry
image number P1090458
image: P1090459
grave: 395270
George Frederick Warner
image number P1090459
image: P1090460
grave: 395271
Cecil Thomas Warner
image number P1090460
image: P1090461
grave: 395272
Phyllis Katherine Finch
image number P1090461
image: P1090462
grave: 395273
William Thomas Roberts
image number P1090462
image: P1090465
grave: 395274
Mary Ann Price
image number P1090465
image: P1090466
grave: 395275
Emily Josephine Parker
image number P1090466
image: P1090467
grave: 395276
Graham Arnold
image number P1090467
image: P1090468
grave: 395277
Albert Robins Caudle
image number P1090468
image: P1090469
grave: 395278
Alma Mary Dadge
image number P1090469
image: P1090471
grave: 395279
Lavinia Tennant
image number P1090471
image: P1090472
grave: 395280
Frederick Thomas Alfred Flowers
image number P1090472
image: P1090474
grave: 395281
Josephine Bertha Sant Mayall
image number P1090474
image: P1090475
grave: 395282
Charles Chester Dale
image number P1090475
image: P1090476
grave: 395283
James Edward Moore
image number P1090476
image: P1090477
grave: 395284
Brian George William Price
image number P1090477
image: P1090478
grave: 395285
Annie Cumberlin
image number P1090478
image: P1090479
grave: 395286
Walter John Cumberlin
image number P1090479
image: P1090480
grave: 395287
Mary Ann Pates
image number P1090480
image: P1090483
grave: 395288
Louisa Kenny
image number P1090483
image: P1090484
grave: 395289
Prudence Mary Jeynes
image number P1090484
image: P1090486
grave: 395290
Florence Ann J Hawker
image number P1090486
image: P1090487
grave: 395291
W(illiam) Hudman
image number P1090487
image: P1090491
grave: 395292
Elizabeth Jane Asten
image number P1090491
image: P1090492
grave: 395293
Elizabeth Dale
image number P1090492
image: P1090493
grave: 395294
Margaret Gwendoline Hancliff
image number P1090493
image: P1090494
grave: 395295
James Wakefield
image number P1090494
image: P1090496
grave: 395296
Florence Merrick
image number P1090496
image: P1090498
grave: 395297
Mary Ann Williams
image number P1090498
image: P1090499
grave: 395298
Lewis George Hatton
image number P1090499
image: P1090500
grave: 395299
Kate Elizabeth Williams
image number P1090500
image: P1090505
grave: 395300
Elizabeth Ann Townsend
image number P1090505
image: P1090509
grave: 395301
Thomas Caldwell Shirley
image number P1090509
image: P1090511
grave: 395302
Helen Eliza Dee
image number P1090511
image: P1090513
grave: 395303
George W Little
image number P1090513
image: P1090514
grave: 395304
Annie Augusta Farbrother
image number P1090514
image: P1090516
grave: 395305
Hilda Beatrice Williams
image number P1090516
image: P1090517
grave: 395306
Reginald Hartland Wise
image number P1090517
image: P1090518
grave: 395307
H(enry W) Hancliff
image number P1090518
image: P1090523
grave: 395308
Agnes Sarah Godwin
image number P1090523
image: P1090524
grave: 395309
Charles Page
image number P1090524
image: P1090527
grave: 395310
Charles William Snowden
image number P1090527
image: P1090528
grave: 395311
Millicent Hervet Snowden
image number P1090528
image: P1090530
grave: 395312
Mary Elizabeth Leach
image number P1090530
image: P1090531
grave: 395313
Thomas Millington
image number P1090531
image: P1090532
grave: 395314
Ann Millington
image number P1090532
image: P1090535
grave: 395315
Thomas Walter
image number P1090535
image: P1090538
grave: 395316
Elizabeth Trubee
image number P1090538
image: P1090539
grave: 395317
Abigal Best
image number P1090539
image: P1090540
grave: 395318
William Godwin
image number P1090540
image: P1090541
grave: 395319
Esther Arch
image number P1090541
image: P1090542
grave: 395320
Ann Trubee
image number P1090542
image: P1090543
grave: 395321
Charles Betteridge
image number P1090543
image: P1090544
grave: 395322
Thomas Edwin Spry
image number P1090544
image: P1090545
grave: 395323
Ann Bradshaw
image number P1090545
image: P1090546
grave: 395324
Lyn Wenham
image number P1090546
image: P1090547
grave: 395325
Josephine Madeleine Edes
image number P1090547
image: P1090549
grave: 395326
Susan Terrell
image number P1090549
image: P1090550
grave: 395327
Elizabeth Biggs
image number P1090550
image: P1090551
grave: 395328
William Bennett
image number P1090551
image: P1090552
grave: 395329
John Terrell
image number P1090552
image: P1090553
grave: 395330
James Charles Terrell
image number P1090553
image: P1090554
grave: 395331
John Farmer
image number P1090554

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