Alfred Wilkinson Cocking grave monument in St Mary Magdalene burial ground, Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

Alfred Wilkinson Cocking grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Wilkinson Cocking MRCS LRCP
29 February 1944511892
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image: P1090381
grave: 395211
Sydney Frederick Charles Flowers
image number P1090381
image: P1090383
grave: 395212
Caroline Mary Flowers
image number P1090383
image: P1090384
grave: 395213
Les(lie Charles) Flowers
image number P1090384
image: P1090385
grave: 395214
George Francis Atterbury Osborn
image number P1090385
image: P1090387
grave: 395215
Alfred James Holbourne
image number P1090387
image: P1090391
grave: 395216
George Roberts
image number P1090391
image: P1090392
grave: 395217
John Henry Housman
image number P1090392
image: P1090393
grave: 395218
Arthur Francis Halling
image number P1090393
image: P1090394
grave: 395219
Annie Elizabeth Leacey
image number P1090394
image: P1090395
grave: 395220
Lily Greening
image number P1090395
image: P1090397
grave: 395221
Alfred Wilkinson Cocking
image number P1090397
image: P1090398
grave: 395222
Samuel Thomas
image number P1090398
image: P1090403
grave: 395223
Eileen Clifford Fitzgerald
image number P1090403
image: P1090404
grave: 395224
C(hristopher F(rederick) H(enslowe) Wigan
image number P1090404
image: P1090405
grave: 395225
Ruth Damaris Wigan
image number P1090405
image: P1090407
grave: 395226
Guy Davis Henslowe Wigan
image number P1090407
image: P1090408
grave: 395227
Ralph George Smyth
image number P1090408
image: P1090409
grave: 395228
Francis William Wigan Bernard
image number P1090409
image: P1090410
grave: 395229
James Michael Bernard
image number P1090410
image: P1090411
grave: 395230
Katharine Etheldreda Bernard
image number P1090411
image: P1090412
grave: 395231
Philippa Mary Deloraine Wigan
image number P1090412

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