William Kirk Brown grave monument in Parish cemetery, Preston, Yorkshire, England

William Kirk Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Kirk Brown
01 September 19117213 July 1839
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image: P1020725
grave: 392936
George William Dickinson
image number P1020725
image: P1020727
grave: 392937
William Wright
image number P1020727
image: P1020729
grave: 392938
Mary Barr
image number P1020729
image: P1020730
grave: 392939
Annie Elizabeth Dibnah
image number P1020730
image: P1020731
grave: 392940
Jane Ann Adamson
image number P1020731
image: P1020732
grave: 392941
Edwin Garbutt
image number P1020732
image: P1020734
grave: 392942
William Cross
image number P1020734
image: P1020735
grave: 392943
Annie Woodhouse
image number P1020735
image: P1020736
grave: 392944
Robert Willerton
image number P1020736
image: P1020737
grave: 392945
Kezia Brown
image number P1020737
image: P1020738
grave: 392946
William Kirk Brown
image number P1020738
image: P1020739
grave: 392947
Clecphas John Barron
image number P1020739
image: P1020740
grave: 392948
Harold Dent
image number P1020740
image: P1020741
grave: 392949
John Anthony Fussey
image number P1020741
image: P1020742
grave: 392950
Fred Scott
image number P1020742
image: P1020744
grave: 392951
Alfred Ackroyd
image number P1020744
image: P1020746
grave: 392952
Ellen Fairbank
image number P1020746
image: P1020747
grave: 392953
William Marshall Bucknall
image number P1020747
image: P1020749
grave: 392954
Elizabeth Wilson
image number P1020749
image: P1020750
grave: 392955
Hannah Snith
image number P1020750
image: P1020752
grave: 392956
Mary Jane Clapham
image number P1020752

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