Ellison Ismay grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Whickham, Durham, England

Ellison Ismay grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ellison Ismay
Jane Ismay
1908291879first wife of Ellison Ismay
Jennie Ismay
1955781877second wife of Ellison Ismay
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Ellison Ismay grave location

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image: 2276
grave: 388411
John Vickers Scott
image number 2276
image: 2277
grave: 388412
George Scott
image number 2277
image: 2278
grave: 388413
Joseph Snowden
image number 2278
image: 2279
grave: 388414
Thomas Sinclair Stones
image number 2279
image: 2280
grave: 388415
Thomas Harwood
image number 2280
image: 2281
grave: 388416
James Jobling
image number 2281
image: 2282
grave: 388417
Sophie Richardson
image number 2282
image: 2283
grave: 388418
Elizabeth Cook
image number 2283
image: 2284
grave: 388419
Jeannette Snowball
image number 2284
image: 2285
grave: 388420
Alexander William Surtees
image number 2285
image: 2286
grave: 388421
Ellison Ismay
image number 2286
image: 2287
grave: 388422
John Riddle
image number 2287
image: 2288
grave: 388423
Sydney Thompson
image number 2288
image: 2289
grave: 388424
Thomas M Burn
image number 2289
image: 2290
grave: 388425
George Cliff
image number 2290
image: 2291
grave: 388426
Jane Tweddle
image number 2291
image: 2292
grave: 388427
John Tweddle
image number 2292
image: 2293
grave: 388428
John Mason
image number 2293
image: 2294
grave: 388429
Mark Archer
image number 2294
image: 2295
grave: 388430
Ralph Teasdale Swinburn
image number 2295
image: 2296
grave: 388431
Annie Wood
image number 2296

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