John Culverwell grave monument in Arnos Vale private cemetery, Arnos Vale, Bristol, England

John Culverwell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Culverwell
Kate Culverwell
daughter of John Culverwell
Ann Blackmore
1933691864relationship not given of John Culverwell
John Blackmore
1942851857relationship not given of John Culverwell
Melinda Culverwell
1945971848wife of John Culverwell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Culverwell grave location

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image: 749
grave: 38545
Alice Cottingham
image number 749
image: 750
grave: 38546
Elizabeth Davies
image number 750
image: 751
grave: 38547
Mary Morgan
image number 751
image: 752
grave: 38548
Jane Robinson
image number 752
image: 754
grave: 38549
Matilda House
image number 754
image: 755
grave: 38550
Amelia Smart
image number 755
image: 756
grave: 38551
Samuel Burdge
image number 756
image: 757
grave: 38552
George Edward Rood
image number 757
image: 758
grave: 38553
Sarah Thomas
image number 758
image: 759
grave: 38554
Arthur Gamgee
image number 759
image: 761
grave: 38555
John Culverwell
image number 761
image: 762
grave: 38556
George Stevens
image number 762
image: 763
grave: 38557
George Stevens
image number 763
image: 764
grave: 38558
Sarah Eleanor Goodwyn
image number 764
image: 765
grave: 38559
Emily Jane Davies
image number 765
image: 766
grave: 38560
John Summers
image number 766
image: 767
grave: 38561
Thomas Pease
image number 767
image: 768
grave: 38562
Albert John Spiller
image number 768
image: 769
grave: 38563
Helen Laverton
image number 769
image: 770
grave: 38564
Walter George Levy Langfield
image number 770
image: 771
grave: 38565
Alice Maud Beatice Levy
image number 771

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