James Nicholls Thompson grave monument in Scartho Road (145-147 152-154) burial ground, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

James Nicholls Thompson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Nicholls Thompson
Elsie May Thompson
1984851899relationship not given of James Nicholls Thompson
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image: 728
grave: 382356
Charles H Stainton
image number 728
image: 729
grave: 382357
Ophelia Regan Swanson
image number 729
image: 730
grave: 382358
Rose M Pickles
image number 730
image: 731
grave: 382359
Mary Ann Bell
image number 731
image: 732
grave: 382360
Edith Marian Carpenter
image number 732
image: 733
grave: 382361
Ann Clark Sleeth
image number 733
image: 734
grave: 382362
Elsie May Raynor
image number 734
image: 735
grave: 382363
Benjamin Goodwin
image number 735
image: 736
grave: 382364
William Snell
image number 736
image: 737
grave: 382365
Clara Alice Eskrett
image number 737
image: 738
grave: 382366
James Nicholls Thompson
image number 738
image: 739
grave: 382367
William E Sharp
image number 739
image: 740
grave: 382368
Alice Cave
image number 740
image: 741
grave: 382369
Ida May Collins
image number 741
image: 741
grave: 382370
Joseph George Collins
image number 741
image: 742
grave: 382371
Caroline Alice Tarrant
image number 742
image: 743
grave: 382372
Winifed Freda Donnelly
image number 743
image: 744
grave: 382373
Violet Young
image number 744
image: 745
grave: 382374
Phyllis M Wright
image number 745
image: 746
grave: 382375
William Walker
image number 746
image: 747
grave: 382376
Mary Annie Johnson
image number 747

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