Alice M Bayliss grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England

Alice M Bayliss grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice M Bayliss
17 January 1963871876
Gertrude Helena Lindenmayer nee Bayliss
19947629 May 1917daughter of Alice M Bayliss
Ernest J Bayliss
23 April 1938631875husband of Alice M Bayliss
Karl Lindenmayer
2011911920son-in-law of Alice M Bayliss
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image: P1060354
grave: 378013
Emma Winslow
image number P1060354
image: P1060355
grave: 378014
Amelia Moore
image number P1060355
image: P1060356
grave: 378015
Richard Henry Roper-Curzon
image number P1060356
image: P1060357
grave: 378016
Caroline Emma Monckton
image number P1060357
image: P1060358
grave: 378017
Anne Susanna Weekes
image number P1060358
image: P1060359
grave: 378018
Francis Henry Weekes
image number P1060359
image: P1060360
grave: 378019
Susan Widdows
image number P1060360
image: P1060361
grave: 378020
Hester Frances Bellingham Walker
image number P1060361
image: P1060362
grave: 378021
Charlotte Ada Matthews
image number P1060362
image: P1060363
grave: 378022
Thomas Rawlings
image number P1060363
image: P1060364
grave: 378023
Alice M Bayliss
image number P1060364
image: P1060365
grave: 378024
Elizabeth Sloane Fisher
image number P1060365
image: P1060366
grave: 378025
Sarah Judith Thomas
image number P1060366
image: P1060369
grave: 378026
William Thomas McCann
image number P1060369
image: P1060370
grave: 378027
Caroline Elizabeth Page
image number P1060370
image: P1060372
grave: 378028
Fanny Maria James
image number P1060372
image: P1060373
grave: 378029
Ethel Esther Banfield
image number P1060373
image: P1060374
grave: 378030
Henry Charles Tipping
image number P1060374
image: P1060375
grave: 378031
Rhoda Stone
image number P1060375
image: P1060376
grave: 378032
Albert Archdale Gillam
image number P1060376
image: P1060377
grave: 378033
Hannah H Clingo
image number P1060377

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