Doris Maria Pace grave monument in Municipal (part 1f) cemetery, Hazelwood, Victoria, Australia

Doris Maria Pace grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Doris Maria Pace
Freda Pace
daughter of Doris Maria Pace
Josephine Pace
daughter of Doris Maria Pace
Anna Pace
daughter of Doris Maria Pace
Sylvia Pace
daughter of Doris Maria Pace
Carmen Pace
daughter of Doris Maria Pace
Charles Pace
2003761927husband of Doris Maria Pace
Michael Pace
son of Doris Maria Pace
Paul Pace
son of Doris Maria Pace
Peter Pace
son of Doris Maria Pace
Frank Pace
son of Doris Maria Pace
Victor Pace
son of Doris Maria Pace
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Doris Maria Pace grave location

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image: Haz1468
grave: 376888
Gerardus Jacobus Vander Velden
image number Haz1468
image: Haz1469
grave: 376889
Diane Patricia Little
image number Haz1469
image: Haz1470
grave: 376890
Noel Jan Kosakiewicz
image number Haz1470
image: Haz1471
grave: 376891
Giovanni Masut
image number Haz1471
image: Haz1472
grave: 376892
William Joseph Walsh
image number Haz1472
image: Haz1473
grave: 376893
Robert Stanley Corcoran
image number Haz1473
image: Haz1474
grave: 376894
Thomas Corcoran
image number Haz1474
image: Haz1475
grave: 376895
Myra Jean Gilmore
image number Haz1475
image: Haz1476
grave: 376896
Ivy Eileen Walker-Mitchell
image number Haz1476
image: Haz1477
grave: 376897
Anthony John Maxwell
image number Haz1477
image: Haz1478
grave: 376898
Doris Maria Pace
image number Haz1478
image: Haz1479
grave: 376899
Leonie B Gayet
image number Haz1479
image: Haz1480
grave: 376900
Gottfried Berchtold
image number Haz1480
image: Haz1481
grave: 376901
Margaret May Roy
image number Haz1481
image: Haz1482
grave: 376902
R B Johnson
image number Haz1482
image: Haz1483
grave: 376903
Eileen Anne Johnson
image number Haz1483
image: Haz1484
grave: 376904
Mary Bartrip
image number Haz1484
image: Haz1485
grave: 376905
Mary Cashman Bartrip
image number Haz1485
image: Haz1486
grave: 376906
Gerda Martha Mrzyglocki
image number Haz1486
image: Haz1487
grave: 376907
Mary O'Bryan
image number Haz1487
image: Haz1488
grave: 376908
William Carlson
image number Haz1488

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