Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 3767Details of grave number 3767 at St Mary Hingham for Marianne Helen Maria Hoy

Marianne Helen Maria Hoy grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Hingham, Suffolk, England

Marianne Helen Maria Hoy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Marianne Helen Maria Hoy
William Hoy
1850221828relationship not given of Marianne Helen Maria Hoy

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image: 3316
grave: 3763
Susanna Tosball
image number 3316
image: 3317
grave: 3764
James Bramford
image number 3317
image: 3318
grave: 3765
Humphrey Baker
image number 3318
image: 3319
grave: 3766
Robert Hoy
image number 3319
image: 3320
grave: 3767
Marianne Helen Maria Hoy
image number 3320
image: 3322
grave: 3768
John M. Niuol
image number 3322
image: 3323
grave: 3769
Frank Newhil
image number 3323
image: 3324
grave: 3770
Gerald Garden Bowcher
image number 3324
image: 3325
grave: 3771
Hubert Bowcher
image number 3325
image: 3326
grave: 3772
Arthur Edwin Bowcher
image number 3326
image: 3327
grave: 3773
Edward Wallare Reeve
image number 3327
image: 3328
grave: 3774
Frederick Bowcher
image number 3328
image: 3329
grave: 3775
Isobel Trier
image number 3329
image: 3332
grave: 3776
Jane Hovenden
image number 3332
image: 3333
grave: 3777
Mary Ann Furniss
image number 3333

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