Frederick Joseph Pepper grave monument in St Gregory , Castlemorton, Worcestershire, England

Frederick Joseph Pepper grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frederick Joseph Pepper
1944731871first name on monument
Mary Ethel Pepper
1954791875relationship not given of Frederick Joseph Pepperof Moseley; Birmingham
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image: P1070682
grave: 375717
Harold Roger Barlow
image number P1070682
image: P1070683
grave: 375718
Seth Clinton
image number P1070683
image: P1070684
grave: 375719
Ann Jenkins
image number P1070684
image: P1070685
grave: 375720
Rosemary Florence Allen
image number P1070685
image: P1070686
grave: 375721
Peter' William J A Allen
image number P1070686
image: P1070687
grave: 375722
Ann Gunnell
image number P1070687
image: P1070688
grave: 375723
John Hiron
image number P1070688
image: P1070689
grave: 375724
Walter Harry Haynes
image number P1070689
image: P1070690
grave: 375725
James Elijah Jeynes
image number P1070690
image: P1070691
grave: 375726
(albert) Martin Onions
image number P1070691
image: P1070692
grave: 375727
Frederick Joseph Pepper
image number P1070692
image: P1070693
grave: 375728
Arthur Best
image number P1070693
image: P1070694
grave: 375729
Edna Marie Howells
image number P1070694
image: P1070695
grave: 375730
Victor Alban Hartland
image number P1070695
image: P1070696
grave: 375731
Hannah H(arris) Poole
image number P1070696
image: P1070697
grave: 375732
Sidney Septimus Smith
image number P1070697
image: P1070698
grave: 375733
Fanny Thomas
image number P1070698
image: P1070699
grave: 375734
William Stephen Walters
image number P1070699
image: P1070700
grave: 375735
Ann Gunnell
image number P1070700
image: P1070701
grave: 375736
William Partridge
image number P1070701
image: P1070704
grave: 375737
Herbert H(enry) Spencer
image number P1070704

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