George Borrill grave monument in Scartho Road (1-3) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

George Borrill grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
George Borrill
Elizabeth Borrill
1941831858wife of George Borrill
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find George Borrill grave location

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image: 788
grave: 373300
Mary Sampson
image number 788
image: 789
grave: 373301
Emily Louisa Crowe
image number 789
image: 790
grave: 373302
William Gooseman
image number 790
image: 792
grave: 373303
Henry Germaney
image number 792
image: 793
grave: 373304
William Henry Banks
image number 793
image: 796
grave: 373305
Gordon Seivwright Anderson
image number 796
image: 797
grave: 373306
Henry Brown
image number 797
image: 798
grave: 373307
Sidney Borman
image number 798
image: 802
grave: 373308
Charlotte Cooper
image number 802
image: 805
grave: 373309
Eliza Stow
image number 805
image: 807
grave: 373310
George Borrill
image number 807
image: 808
grave: 373311
Alfred Farthing
image number 808
image: 810
grave: 373312
E Marian Thompson
image number 810
image: 812
grave: 373313
Lily Jenkinson
image number 812
image: 813
grave: 373314
Elizabeth Charles
image number 813
image: 815
grave: 373315
Thomas Richards
image number 815
image: 817
grave: 373316
Julia Kendall
image number 817
image: 819
grave: 373317
Susanna Thompson
image number 819
image: 820
grave: 373318
William Willis
image number 820
image: 821
grave: 373319
Francis Richard Clark
image number 821
image: 821
grave: 373320
Herbert Fountain Miller
image number 821

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