Virginie Jacquemier grave monument in Pantin (section 2) burial ground, Pantin, Seine St Denis, France

Virginie Jacquemier grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Virginie Jacquemier nee Chambel
Séraphine Paulier nee Battendier
1914761838relationship not given of Virginie Jacquemier
Joséphine Battendier nee Jacquemier
1927761851relationship not given of Virginie Jacquemier
Berthe Battendier
1943621881relationship not given of Virginie Jacquemier
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Virginie Jacquemier grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 372363)

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Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Virginie Jacquemier grave.

image: CPPBennerotte
grave: 372353
Marie Bennerotte
image number CPPBennerotte
image: CPPJulienPillu1
grave: 372354
Etienne Léopold Julien
image number CPPJulienPillu1
image: CPPBrunetBoucher1
grave: 372355
Paul Brunet
image number CPPBrunetBoucher1
image: CPPVienney1
grave: 372356
Jean Baptiste Vienney
image number CPPVienney1
image: CPPMeunierCorriez1
grave: 372357
Auguste Joseph Meunier
image number CPPMeunierCorriez1
image: CPPBretonJ1
grave: 372358
Anastasie Breton
image number CPPBretonJ1
image: CPPBouyssou
grave: 372359
Edmond Bouyssou
image number CPPBouyssou
image: CPPBottieau1
grave: 372360
Emile Adolphe Bottieau
image number CPPBottieau1
image: CPPBloy1
grave: 372361
Marie Jean Nicolas Paul Bloy
image number CPPBloy1
image: CPPBastienM
grave: 372362
Renée Fernande(?)
image number CPPBastienM
image: CPPJacquemier1
grave: 372363
Virginie Jacquemier
image number CPPJacquemier1
image: CPPGyss1
grave: 372364
Françoise Gyss
image number CPPGyss1
image: CPPAlbouis1
grave: 372365
Jean Albouis
image number CPPAlbouis1
image: CPPGand1
grave: 372366
Pierre Gand
image number CPPGand1
image: CPPKédinger1
grave: 372367
Juliette Kédinger
image number CPPKédinger1
image: CPPPiart1
grave: 372368
Ernest Anatole Zacharie Piart
image number CPPPiart1
image: CPPCouillard
grave: 372369
Louis Couillard
image number CPPCouillard
image: CPPCourtonne
grave: 372370
Emile Normand
image number CPPCourtonne
image: CPPTrotoux
grave: 372371
Georges Trotoux
image number CPPTrotoux
image: CPPNectoux1
grave: 372372
François Nectoux
image number CPPNectoux1
image: CPPGourle
grave: 372373
Esther Gourle
image number CPPGourle

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