Herbert Carr-Walker grave monument in St Robert of Knaresborough burial ground, Pannal, Yorkshire, England

Herbert Carr-Walker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Herbert Carr-Walker
Evelyn Margaret Carr-Walker
1956711885wife of Herbert Carr-Walker
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Herbert Carr-Walker grave location

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image: 0231
grave: 36584
John Ingle
image number 0231
image: 0232
grave: 36585
William Fergus Stewart
image number 0232
image: 0233
grave: 36586
Mary Louisa Scott
image number 0233
image: 0234
grave: 36587
Sarah Proctor
image number 0234
image: 0235
grave: 36588
Mary Burnett
image number 0235
image: 0236
grave: 36589
Arthur Stocks
image number 0236
image: 0237
grave: 36590
Frank Middlebrook
image number 0237
image: 0238
grave: 36591
Mary Anne Morris
image number 0238
image: 0239
grave: 36592
George William Roper
image number 0239
image: 0240
grave: 36593
Arthur Kirk
image number 0240
image: 0241
grave: 36594
Herbert Carr-Walker
image number 0241
image: 0242
grave: 36595
Alfred Lambert
image number 0242
image: 0243
grave: 36596
John Thomas Ingle
image number 0243
image: 0244
grave: 36597
Phoebe Rosa Kent
image number 0244
image: 0245
grave: 36598
Mary E Horsfall
image number 0245
image: 0246
grave: 36599
Thomas Farnell
image number 0246
image: 0247
grave: 36600
Edith Mary Weatherhead
image number 0247
image: 0248
grave: 36601
Augusta Jane Hunt
image number 0248
image: 0249
grave: 36602
George William Ramsbottom
image number 0249
image: 0250
grave: 36603
Samuel Wright
image number 0250
image: 0251
grave: 36604
Frank Leadley Middleton
image number 0251

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