Raymond Burres grave monument in Scartho Road (155-158) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Raymond Burres grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Raymond Burres
Brenda Burres
2012781933wife of Raymond Burres
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Raymond Burres grave location

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image: 864
grave: 361497
Richard Mark Hrynyk-Bird
image number 864
image: 865
grave: 361498
Ian Jonathan Royce
image number 865
image: 866
grave: 361499
Winnie Markham
image number 866
image: 867
grave: 361500
James Wilson
image number 867
image: 868
grave: 361501
Susan Smith
image number 868
image: 869
grave: 361502
Stephen Robert Clarke
image number 869
image: 870
grave: 361503
Heather P Jagger
image number 870
image: 871
grave: 361504
Phyllis June Perrin
image number 871
image: 872
grave: 361505
Florence May Bedford
image number 872
image: 873
grave: 361506
Gladys Garving
image number 873
image: 874
grave: 361507
Raymond Burres
image number 874
image: 875
grave: 361508
Mick Ward
image number 875
image: 876
grave: 361509
Bernard Hammond
image number 876
image: 877
grave: 361510
Louisa Bibby
image number 877
image: 878
grave: 361511
Doris Burton
image number 878
image: 879
grave: 361512
June Fields
image number 879
image: 881
grave: 361513
Christine Benn
image number 881
image: 882
grave: 361514
Betty Hall
image number 882
image: 883
grave: 361515
Margaret Laura McIntosh
image number 883
image: 884
grave: 361516
Margaret Elizabeth Woods
image number 884
image: 885
grave: 361517
Mabel Rose Coxon
image number 885

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