Margaret Jones grave monument in Scartho Road (155-158) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Margaret Jones grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret Jones
Trevor Hugh Jones
1991621929husband of Margaret Jones
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image: 353
grave: 361021
George E R Yensen
image number 353
image: 354
grave: 361022
Harold Barwood
image number 354
image: 355
grave: 361023
Elwin Genney
image number 355
image: 356
grave: 361024
Percy Earle
image number 356
image: 357
grave: 361025
Ada Landells
image number 357
image: 358
grave: 361026
Ronald James Stone
image number 358
image: 359
grave: 361027
Roy Washington
image number 359
image: 360
grave: 361028
Mary Donner
image number 360
image: 361
grave: 361029
Helen Victoria Vonton Louise Brown
image number 361
image: 362
grave: 361030
Clara Irene Appleton
image number 362
image: 363
grave: 361031
Margaret Jones
image number 363
image: 364
grave: 361032
William Bowyer
image number 364
image: 365
grave: 361033
Joseph Walter Andrews
image number 365
image: 366
grave: 361034
Kenneth Keef
image number 366
image: 367
grave: 361035
Olga Pocklington
image number 367
image: 368
grave: 361036
Alfred Yarlott
image number 368
image: 369
grave: 361037
Doris Evelyn Harmer
image number 369
image: 370
grave: 361038
Ruby Williams
image number 370
image: 371
grave: 361039
Syd Setterfield
image number 371
image: 372
grave: 361040
Keith How
image number 372
image: 374
grave: 361041
Edna Mumby
image number 374

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