A E Norfolk grave monument in Les Gonards (pt 1) cemetery, Versailles, Paris, France

A E Norfolk grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Rifleman A E Norfolk
191526188912th Battalion London Regt of Rangers no 2951; lived in Nayland; Colchester
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find A E Norfolk grave location

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image: VLGPreston
grave: 357279
W C Preston
image number VLGPreston
image: VLGBellCG
grave: 357280
C G Bell
image number VLGBellCG
image: VLGWest
grave: 357281
G West
image number VLGWest
image: VLGGallagher
grave: 357282
J Gallagher
image number VLGGallagher
image: VLGFenn
grave: 357283
H G Fenn
image number VLGFenn
image: VLGBrentonRH
grave: 357284
R H Brenton
image number VLGBrentonRH
image: VLGHuddart
grave: 357285
W Huddart
image number VLGHuddart
image: VLGJohnstone
grave: 357286
E W Johnstone
image number VLGJohnstone
image: VLGGowans
grave: 357287
J Gowans
image number VLGGowans
image: VLGMcCormack
grave: 357288
J N McCormack
image number VLGMcCormack
image: VLGNorfolk
grave: 357289
A E Norfolk
image number VLGNorfolk
image: VLGWoodA
grave: 357290
A Wood
image number VLGWoodA
image: VLGBrewster
grave: 357291
E C Brewster
image number VLGBrewster
image: VLGCollop
grave: 357292
W Collop
image number VLGCollop
image: VLGPearce
grave: 357293
E Pearce
image number VLGPearce
image: VLGDowns
grave: 357294
G Downs
image number VLGDowns
image: VLGWatts
grave: 357295
E Watts
image number VLGWatts
image: VLGBlackhall
grave: 357296
D Blackhall
image number VLGBlackhall
image: VLGChason
grave: 357297
E R Chason
image number VLGChason
image: VLGMcLoughlin
grave: 357298
J McLoughlin
image number VLGMcLoughlin
image: VLGPainter
grave: 357299
S Painter
image number VLGPainter

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