Nathalie Lewy grave monument in Weissensee (pt 2) cemetery, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Nathalie Lewy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Nathalie Lewy nee Fiegel
Jacob Lewy
1902621840husband of Nathalie Lewy
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Nathalie Lewy grave location

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image: BLNWCasperPhil
grave: 356768
Fanny Casper
image number BLNWCasperPhil
image: BLNWSeckelson
grave: 356769
Henriette Seckelson
image number BLNWSeckelson
image: BLNWBaumH1
grave: 356770
Hermann Baum
image number BLNWBaumH1
image: BLNWAlkanH
grave: 356771
Lina Alkan
image number BLNWAlkanH
image: BLNWBeradtOtto1
grave: 356772
Otto Beradt
image number BLNWBeradtOtto1
image: BLNWFraenkelJ
grave: 356773
Julius Fraenkel
image number BLNWFraenkelJ
image: BLNWStutinsky
grave: 356774
Louis Stutinsky
image number BLNWStutinsky
image: BLNWOrenstein
grave: 356775
Simon Orenstein
image number BLNWOrenstein
image: BLNWSalamonski1
grave: 356776
Wilhelm Salamonski
image number BLNWSalamonski1
image: BLNWSalamonski2
grave: 356777
George Salamonski
image number BLNWSalamonski2
image: BLNWLewyJacob
grave: 356778
Nathalie Lewy
image number BLNWLewyJacob
image: BLNWMaasLouis
grave: 356779
Louis Philipp Maas
image number BLNWMaasLouis
image: BLNWJacobyHein
grave: 356780
Heinrich Jacoby
image number BLNWJacobyHein
image: BLNWSzarf
grave: 356781
Halinka Szarf
image number BLNWSzarf
image: BLNWJacobyEmma
grave: 356782
Emma Jacoby
image number BLNWJacobyEmma
image: BLNWDrielsma
grave: 356783
Marc Drielsma
image number BLNWDrielsma
image: BLNWPriebatsch
grave: 356784
Max Priebatsch
image number BLNWPriebatsch
image: BLNWAronHermann
grave: 356785
Hermann Aron
image number BLNWAronHermann
image: BLNWMeyerWilhelm
grave: 356786
Wilhelm Meyer
image number BLNWMeyerWilhelm
image: BLNWProskauer1
grave: 356787
Bernhard Proskauer
image number BLNWProskauer1
image: BLNWSchaeferM
grave: 356788
Moritz Schaefer
image number BLNWSchaeferM

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