Tommy Hilditch grave monument in St Peter , Halliwell, Lancashire, England

Tommy Hilditch grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Tommy Hilditch
1968831885first name on monument
Walter Hinsley
1975751900relationship not given of Tommy Hilditch
Monica I Smith nee Hinsley
1992771915relationship not given of Tommy Hilditch
Isabella Hilditch
1975911884wife of Tommy Hilditchw of Tommy
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Tommy Hilditch grave location

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image: 1797
grave: 355746
Ferdinand Priestley
image number 1797
image: 1798
grave: 355747
Nancy Cattle
image number 1798
image: 1799
grave: 355748
Isaac Whittle
image number 1799
image: 1800
grave: 355749
Sarah Ann Culshaw
image number 1800
image: 1801
grave: 355750
Edward Hitchcon Patterson
image number 1801
image: 1802
grave: 355751
Mary A Kay
image number 1802
image: 1803
grave: 355752
William Greenhalgh
image number 1803
image: 1804
grave: 355753
William Leach
image number 1804
image: 1805
grave: 355754
Ian Roy Smith
image number 1805
image: 1806
grave: 355755
Stanley Hargreaves
image number 1806
image: 1807
grave: 355756
Tommy Hilditch
image number 1807
image: 1808
grave: 355757
Annie Wood
image number 1808
image: 1809
grave: 355758
Elizabeth Smethurst
image number 1809
image: 1810
grave: 355759
Arthur Henry Foley
image number 1810
image: 1811
grave: 355760
Kenneth Lomax
image number 1811
image: 1812
grave: 355761
Pamela Brand
image number 1812
image: 1813
grave: 355762
Michael Henry
image number 1813
image: 1814
grave: 355763
Edna Myers
image number 1814
image: 1815
grave: 355764
Alice Brandon
image number 1815
image: 1816
grave: 355765
Arthur R Hunter
image number 1816
image: 1817
grave: 355766
Ellen Roberts
image number 1817

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