Annie Childs grave monument in Scartho Road (113-115 120-123) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Annie Childs grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Annie Childs
Sheila Ann Broadbeer
2007701937grand daughter of Annie Childs
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Annie Childs grave location

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image: 5043
grave: 351740
Edgar Nelson Death
image number 5043
image: 5044
grave: 351741
Herbert R Barker
image number 5044
image: 5045
grave: 351742
Henry William Haselden
image number 5045
image: 5046
grave: 351743
Mabel Alice Dennis
image number 5046
image: 5047
grave: 351744
Mary McBain
image number 5047
image: 5048
grave: 351745
Elizabeth Carter
image number 5048
image: 5049
grave: 351746
George Harold Hunt
image number 5049
image: 5050
grave: 351747
Ruth Rudd
image number 5050
image: 5053
grave: 351748
Roy Gordon Tuplin
image number 5053
image: 5054
grave: 351749
Emily Morvinson
image number 5054
image: 5055
grave: 351750
Annie Childs
image number 5055
image: 5056
grave: 351751
Agnes May Wilmot
image number 5056
image: 5058
grave: 351752
Lily Craggs
image number 5058
image: 5059
grave: 351753
Ernest Westcott
image number 5059
image: 5060
grave: 351754
Arthur Baxter
image number 5060
image: 5061
grave: 351755
Harry Waller
image number 5061
image: 5062
grave: 351756
Walter Cooper
image number 5062
image: 5063
grave: 351757
Harold Gautby
image number 5063
image: 5064
grave: 351758
Frederick C Norton
image number 5064
image: 5065
grave: 351759
Valentine Scott
image number 5065
image: 5066
grave: 351760
Elizabeth Jane Want
image number 5066

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