John Edward Askew grave monument in Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

John Edward Askew grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Edward Askew
Betty Askew
daughter of John Edward Askew
Mary Askew
daughter of John Edward Askew
John Askew
son of John Edward Askew
Sarah Elizabeth Askew
1963771886wife of John Edward Askew
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image: 805
grave: 348566
Alice Ellerby
image number 805
image: 806
grave: 348567
E W Preston
image number 806
image: 807
grave: 348568
Anthony Sharpe
image number 807
image: 808
grave: 348569
Jane Heathcote McGhee
image number 808
image: 809
grave: 348570
Ernest Daines
image number 809
image: 810
grave: 348571
Ada Jane McFarlane
image number 810
image: 811
grave: 348572
William Alfred Johnson
image number 811
image: 812
grave: 348573
Blanche Chapman
image number 812
image: 813
grave: 348574
Lillian Thurston
image number 813
image: 814
grave: 348575
Claire Evelyn Morris
image number 814
image: 816
grave: 348576
John Edward Askew
image number 816
image: 817
grave: 348577
Louisa Jane Shepherd
image number 817
image: 818
grave: 348578
Rose Ayscough
image number 818
image: 819
grave: 348579
Ruth Irene Steel
image number 819
image: 820
grave: 348580
John William Denford
image number 820
image: 821
grave: 348581
Lily May Brown
image number 821
image: 822
grave: 348582
Eva Mary Stephenson
image number 822
image: 823
grave: 348583
Fred Trotter
image number 823
image: 824
grave: 348584
Charles Ironmonger
image number 824
image: 825
grave: 348585
Lily Harris
image number 825
image: 826
grave: 348586
Jack Crick
image number 826

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