Walter Cyril Lingard grave monument in Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Walter Cyril Lingard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Walter Cyril Lingard
Elsie May Lingard
1993871905wife of Walter Cyril Lingard
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image: 481
grave: 348272
William Robert Warman
image number 481
image: 482
grave: 348273
Gertrude Miriam Robinson
image number 482
image: 483
grave: 348274
Albert Ernest Gibbons
image number 483
image: 484
grave: 348275
Annie Cargill
image number 484
image: 485
grave: 348276
Kate Brett
image number 485
image: 486
grave: 348277
Stanley Arthur Goodwin
image number 486
image: 487
grave: 348278
Eleanor Cuthbert
image number 487
image: 488
grave: 348279
Robert Henry Wilson
image number 488
image: 489
grave: 348280
Sarah Ann Brader
image number 489
image: 490
grave: 348281
William Frederick Mawer
image number 490
image: 491
grave: 348282
Walter Cyril Lingard
image number 491
image: 492
grave: 348283
Marion Lilian Coxon
image number 492
image: 493
grave: 348284
Alfred John Page
image number 493
image: 494
grave: 348285
Ans Krautman
image number 494
image: 495
grave: 348286
Anthony Carratt
image number 495
image: 496
grave: 348287
George William Cox
image number 496
image: 497
grave: 348288
Lizzie King
image number 497
image: 498
grave: 348289
Beatrice Baldwin
image number 498
image: 499
grave: 348290
image number 499
image: 500
grave: 348291
Evelyn Precious
image number 500
image: 501
grave: 348292
Lily Weldrick
image number 501

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