Mary Jane Marshall Bravery grave monument in St Giles burial ground, Scartho, Lincolnshire, England

Mary Jane Marshall Bravery grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Jane Marshall Bravery
Eli Edward Bravery
1968881880husband of Mary Jane Marshall Bravery
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image: 733
grave: 342221
Luke Owen Haines
image number 733
image: 734
grave: 342222
Eve Strergides
image number 734
image: 735
grave: 342223
Enid Aldred
image number 735
image: 736
grave: 342224
Rowland Arthur Stocks
image number 736
image: 737
grave: 342225
Margaret Shemwell
image number 737
image: 738
grave: 342226
Jack Dobbs
image number 738
image: 739
grave: 342227
John Kellaway
image number 739
image: 740
grave: 342228
Florence Teasdale
image number 740
image: 741
grave: 342229
Lucy Ann Sumner
image number 741
image: 742
grave: 342230
Eileen Chatteris
image number 742
image: 743
grave: 342231
Mary Jane Marshall Bravery
image number 743
image: 744
grave: 342232
Charles Younger
image number 744
image: 745
grave: 342233
Stanley Drewery
image number 745
image: 746
grave: 342234
Albert Wedgwood Foster
image number 746
image: 747
grave: 342235
Betsy Ann Bradley
image number 747
image: 748
grave: 342236
Herbert Murray
image number 748
image: 749
grave: 342237
William Bradley
image number 749
image: 750
grave: 342238
Joseph William Spaldin
image number 750
image: 751
grave: 342239
Michelle Bunker
image number 751
image: 752
grave: 342240
John Robert White
image number 752
image: 753
grave: 342241
Harriet Louisa Barker
image number 753

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