Alice Raper grave monument in All Saints burial ground, Spofforth, Yorkshire, England

Alice Raper grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice Raper
John Raper
1876301846husband of Alice Raper
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alice Raper grave location

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image: 0064
grave: 34003
William Pullein
image number 0064
image: 0065
grave: 34004
James Pullein
image number 0065
image: 0066
grave: 34005
Joseph Pullein
image number 0066
image: 0067
grave: 34006
Ann Wheelhouse
image number 0067
image: 0068
grave: 34007
Sarah Willis
image number 0068
image: 0069
grave: 34008
George Pickard
image number 0069
image: 0070
grave: 34009
William Swale
image number 0070
image: 0071
grave: 34010
Solomon Thomas Swale
image number 0071
image: 0072
grave: 34011
George Armitage
image number 0072
image: 0073
grave: 34012
Jane Smith
image number 0073
image: 0074
grave: 34013
Alice Raper
image number 0074
image: 0075
grave: 34014
Matthew Haylock
image number 0075
image: 0076
grave: 34015
Mary Ridsdale
image number 0076
image: 0077
grave: 34016
John Rainforth
image number 0077
image: 0078
grave: 34017
Sarah Dickinson
image number 0078
image: 0079
grave: 34018
George Armitage
image number 0079
image: 0080
grave: 34019
Elizabeth Lowe
image number 0080
image: 0081
grave: 34020
William Barron
image number 0081
image: 0082
grave: 34021
Austin Roberts
image number 0082
image: 0083
grave: 34022
George Greaves
image number 0083
image: 0084
grave: 34023
Elizabeth Bailey
image number 0084

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