Joseph Lathbury grave monument in St Peter burial ground, Great Livermere, Suffolk, England

Joseph Lathbury grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joseph Lathbury
Joseph Lathbury
1804841720son of Joseph Lathbury
Maria Lathbury
1730 wife of Joseph Lathbury
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image: 2033
grave: 3379
Elizabeth Cooke
image number 2033
image: 2037
grave: 3380
Anna Tyrrell
image number 2037
image: 2039
grave: 3381
James Parker
image number 2039
image: 2041
grave: 3382
Robert Dale
image number 2041
image: 2045
grave: 3383
John Page
image number 2045
image: 2046
grave: 3384
John Marlton
image number 2046
image: 2051
grave: 3385
Mary Maria Goddare
image number 2051
image: 2053
grave: 3386
Richard Coke
image number 2053
image: 2053
grave: 3387
Mary Coke
image number 2053
image: 2054
grave: 3388
Montague Rhodes James
image number 2054
image: 2055
grave: 3389
Joseph Lathbury
image number 2055
image: 2056
grave: 3390
Peter Lathbury
image number 2056
image: 2057
grave: 3391
Maria Colvile
image number 2057
image: 2062
grave: 3392
William Sakings
image number 2062
image: 2063
grave: 3393
Edwin Sakins
image number 2063
image: 2064
grave: 3394
Dorothy North
image number 2064
image: 2065
grave: 3395
Wiliam Edward Roberts
image number 2065
image: 2066
grave: 3396
Lydia Cook
image number 2066
image: 2067
grave: 3397
Philip Mothersole
image number 2067
image: 2068
grave: 3398
Elizabeth Mothersole
image number 2068
image: 2069
grave: 3399
Henry John Mothersole
image number 2069

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