Pierre Walter Amaury grave monument in New Parisian cemetery, St Ouen, Seine Saint Denis, France

Pierre Walter Amaury grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Pierre Walter Amaury
(widow) Charlier
1926831843relationship not given of Pierre Walter Amaury
(widow) Amaury
1940881852relationship not given of Pierre Walter Amaury
Jeanne Charlier
1960801880relationship not given of Pierre Walter Amaury
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image: SONDouniol
grave: 336974
Eugéne Douniol
image number SONDouniol
image: SONLureau
grave: 336975
Amédée Lureau
image number SONLureau
image: SONBretonP1
grave: 336976
Marie Breton
image number SONBretonP1
image: SONJacquet1
grave: 336977
Marie-antoinette Jacquet
image number SONJacquet1
image: SONRocheArt1
grave: 336978
Léonie Roche
image number SONRocheArt1
image: SONGervais
grave: 336979
(widow) Gervais
image number SONGervais
image: SONDarfeuille1
grave: 336980
Lucien Darfeuille
image number SONDarfeuille1
image: SONAdolpheEM
grave: 336981
E Adolphe
image number SONAdolpheEM
image: SONPerdrizet
grave: 336982
Marthe Perdrizet
image number SONPerdrizet
image: SONTurileon
grave: 336983
Henriette Turileon
image number SONTurileon
image: SONAmaury
grave: 336984
Pierre Walter Amaury
image number SONAmaury
image: SONGrégoire
grave: 336985
Etienne Grégoire
image number SONGrégoire
image: SONLogeard
grave: 336986
Perjus Logeard
image number SONLogeard
image: SONCarlo1
grave: 336987
Marie Françoise Carlo
image number SONCarlo1
image: SONSavin
grave: 336988
Louis Savin
image number SONSavin
image: SONMarcus
grave: 336989
Adelina Marcus
image number SONMarcus
image: SONBoni1
grave: 336990
Victor Boni
image number SONBoni1
image: SONSavatier1
grave: 336991
Céline Savatier
image number SONSavatier1
image: SONPottier
grave: 336992
Gaston Pottier
image number SONPottier
image: SONHériot1
grave: 336993
Joséphine Hériot
image number SONHériot1
image: SONGuépin
grave: 336994
Alphonse Guépin
image number SONGuépin

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