Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 330771Details of grave number 330771 at Area E Thornaby-on-Tees for Annie Isabel Eddy

Annie Isabel Eddy grave monument in Area E cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

Annie Isabel Eddy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Annie Isabel Eddy
Mary Isabel Eddy
1915241891daughter of Annie Isabel Eddy
Alice Elizabeth Eddy
1965711894relationship not given of Annie Isabel Eddy
W B Eddy
1967741893relationship not given of Annie Isabel Eddy
C N B Eddy
1904381866wife of Annie Isabel Eddy

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image: 1040509
grave: 330761
Arthur Rowley
image number 1040509
image: 1040512
grave: 330762
Mary Jane Cariss
image number 1040512
image: 1040513
grave: 330763
Margaret Callaghan
image number 1040513
image: 1040515
grave: 330764
Charles Coates
image number 1040515
image: 1040516
grave: 330765
Robert Herbert Hill
image number 1040516
image: 1040517
grave: 330766
William Winn
image number 1040517
image: 1040518
grave: 330767
Israel Hadman
image number 1040518
image: 1040519
grave: 330768
Marion Maud Richie
image number 1040519
image: 1040520
grave: 330769
Charles William Grigg
image number 1040520
image: 1040521
grave: 330770
William Smith
image number 1040521
image: 1040522
grave: 330771
Annie Isabel Eddy
image number 1040522
image: 1040526
grave: 330772
John Thomas White
image number 1040526
image: 1040527
grave: 330773
James Wallace
image number 1040527
image: 1040528
grave: 330774
Richard Charles Bussey
image number 1040528
image: 1040530
grave: 330775
Thomas Webster
image number 1040530
image: 1040531
grave: 330776
Elizabeth Cottell
image number 1040531
image: 1040532
grave: 330777
Elizabeth Rees
image number 1040532
image: 1040535
grave: 330778
Robert Dunnill
image number 1040535
image: 1040536
grave: 330779
Luke Thompsom
image number 1040536
image: 1040537
grave: 330780
Elizabeth Johnson
image number 1040537
image: 1040538
grave: 330781
John Thomas Wood
image number 1040538

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