Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 330723Details of grave number 330723 at Area E Thornaby-on-Tees for Amelia Carr

Amelia Carr grave monument in Area E cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

Amelia Carr grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Amelia Carr
William Carr
relationship not given of Amelia Carr

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image: 1040433
grave: 330713
William Leng
image number 1040433
image: 1040434
grave: 330714
Thomas Spires
image number 1040434
image: 1040435
grave: 330715
Florence Russell
image number 1040435
image: 1040436
grave: 330716
John Fishburn
image number 1040436
image: 1040440
grave: 330717
Mary Guest
image number 1040440
image: 1040441
grave: 330718
Mary Jane Coote
image number 1040441
image: 1040442
grave: 330719
Hannah Barker
image number 1040442
image: 1040443
grave: 330720
Emily Jackson
image number 1040443
image: 1040445
grave: 330721
John Robert Bruce
image number 1040445
image: 1040446
grave: 330722
Bertha Pritchard
image number 1040446
image: 1040450
grave: 330723
Amelia Carr
image number 1040450
image: 1040453
grave: 330724
)ohn Owen Pierce
image number 1040453
image: 1040461
grave: 330725
John William Peacock
image number 1040461
image: 1040467
grave: 330726
Margaret Hammond
image number 1040467
image: 1040468
grave: 330727
Violet May Usher
image number 1040468
image: 1040469
grave: 330728
Lena Mary Stevenson
image number 1040469
image: 1040470
grave: 330729
Thomas Blackburn
image number 1040470
image: 1040473
grave: 330730
Mary A A Betts
image number 1040473
image: 1040475
grave: 330731
John Robert Wright
image number 1040475
image: 1040476
grave: 330732
John Thomas Wright
image number 1040476
image: 1040477
grave: 330733
Walter Ernest Lloyd
image number 1040477

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