James Lugg Williams grave monument in St Keverne burial ground, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

James Lugg Williams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Lugg Williams
Sarah Williams
1971931878wife of James Lugg Williams
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Lugg Williams grave location

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image: 1196
grave: 326894
Francis Harvey
image number 1196
image: 1197
grave: 326895
William James Dennis
image number 1197
image: 1198
grave: 326896
John Charles Pearce
image number 1198
image: 1199
grave: 326897
Annie Rashleigh
image number 1199
image: 1200
grave: 326898
Gilbert Roberts
image number 1200
image: 1201
grave: 326899
John Tripconey
image number 1201
image: 1202
grave: 326900
Gertrude Leggo
image number 1202
image: 1203
grave: 326901
Annie Lavinia Kevern
image number 1203
image: 1204
grave: 326902
Jonathon Richards
image number 1204
image: 1205
grave: 326903
Elizabeth Jane Tripp
image number 1205
image: 1206
grave: 326904
James Lugg Williams
image number 1206
image: 1207
grave: 326905
Louisa Jane Bunster
image number 1207
image: 1208
grave: 326906
Edwin Rule James
image number 1208
image: 1209
grave: 326907
Ernest Sowell
image number 1209
image: 1210
grave: 326908
Sydney John Roberts
image number 1210
image: 1211
grave: 326909
Susan Margery Pascoe
image number 1211
image: 1212
grave: 326910
James Pearce
image number 1212
image: 1213
grave: 326911
David Nicholls
image number 1213
image: 1214
grave: 326912
William Hayden
image number 1214
image: 1215
grave: 326913
Mary Shephard Smith
image number 1215
image: 1216
grave: 326914
James James
image number 1216

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