Johanna Mitchell Williams grave monument in St Keverne burial ground, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

Johanna Mitchell Williams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Johanna Mitchell Williams
Louisa Grace Pearce nee Allen
1975771898grand daughter of Johanna Mitchell Williams
William J B (Will) Pearce
1977851892grand daughters husband of Johanna Mitchell Williams
John Williams
1928811847husband of Johanna Mitchell Williams
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image: 1165
grave: 326864
Alice Roberts
image number 1165
image: 1166
grave: 326865
John Rogers
image number 1166
image: 1167
grave: 326866
Robert Christophers
image number 1167
image: 1168
grave: 326867
John James Rashleigh
image number 1168
image: 1169
grave: 326868
Elizabeth Williams
image number 1169
image: 1170
grave: 326869
William Bray
image number 1170
image: 1171
grave: 326870
Eliza Jane Allen
image number 1171
image: 1172
grave: 326871
James Henry Penlerick
image number 1172
image: 1173
grave: 326872
William Mildren
image number 1173
image: 1174
grave: 326873
Eliza Richards
image number 1174
image: 1175
grave: 326874
Johanna Mitchell Williams
image number 1175
image: 1176
grave: 326875
John Pearce
image number 1176
image: 1177
grave: 326876
William Henry Chinn
image number 1177
image: 1178
grave: 326877
John Martin
image number 1178
image: 1179
grave: 326878
William Edwin Andrew
image number 1179
image: 1180
grave: 326879
Henry Pascoe
image number 1180
image: 1181
grave: 326880
John Barker
image number 1181
image: 1182
grave: 326881
John Roberts
image number 1182
image: 1183
grave: 326882
James Coad
image number 1183
image: 1184
grave: 326883
William Thomas Rashleigh
image number 1184
image: 1185
grave: 326884
Norman Nicholls
image number 1185

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