William Allan grave monument in Grangetown cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

William Allan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sir William Allan Kt
James Allan
1872 1872son of William Allan
Dame Jane Allan
1931881843wife of William Allan
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image: 1240008
grave: 323833
Elizabeth Nesbitt
image number 1240008
image: 1240011
grave: 323834
George Crosby
image number 1240011
image: 1240014
grave: 323835
William Sparks Wilson
image number 1240014
image: 1240015
grave: 323836
William Sanderson
image number 1240015
image: 1240016
grave: 323837
Ralph Brown Annison
image number 1240016
image: 1240017
grave: 323838
Ellen Jane Dickinson
image number 1240017
image: 1240018
grave: 323839
Edward J Weatherley
image number 1240018
image: 1240022
grave: 323840
Charles Newth Foote
image number 1240022
image: 1240023
grave: 323841
Polly Sanderson Chatt
image number 1240023
image: 1240024
grave: 323842
William Allan
image number 1240024
image: 1240025
grave: 323843
William Allan
image number 1240025
image: 1240026
grave: 323844
William Allan
image number 1240026
image: 1240027
grave: 323845
Frederick Gordon
image number 1240027
image: 1240028
grave: 323846
James Story
image number 1240028
image: 1240032
grave: 323847
Ralph Milebanke Hudson
image number 1240032
image: 1240034
grave: 323848
Lucinda Elizabeth Hudson
image number 1240034
image: 1240036
grave: 323849
Alfred George Milbanke Hudson
image number 1240036
image: 1240038
grave: 323850
Evelyn Ellen Challoner
image number 1240038
image: 1240039
grave: 323851
K V Milburn
image number 1240039
image: 1240040
grave: 323852
William Milburn
image number 1240040
image: 1240041
grave: 323853
Margaret Hannah Brown
image number 1240041

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