Isabella Frances Miller grave monument in Grangetown cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

Isabella Frances Miller grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Isabella Frances Miller
William Miller
1867321835relationship not given of Isabella Frances Miller
John George Reed
1867321835relationship not given of Isabella Frances Miller
Ellen Margaret Ancas
1867371830relationship not given of Isabella Frances Miller
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image: 1220925
grave: 323639
Ralph Todd
image number 1220925
image: 1220926
grave: 323640
Edward Smith
image number 1220926
image: 1220927
grave: 323641
Mary Lambton
image number 1220927
image: 1220928
grave: 323642
Annie Lambert
image number 1220928
image: 1220929
grave: 323643
William Thomas Scott
image number 1220929
image: 1220931
grave: 323644
Thomas Mordey
image number 1220931
image: 1220933
grave: 323645
Mary Jane Humble
image number 1220933
image: 1220934
grave: 323646
Jane Waddle
image number 1220934
image: 1220936
grave: 323647
William Robinson
image number 1220936
image: 1220937
grave: 323648
Isabella Frances Miller
image number 1220937
image: 1220939
grave: 323649
Thomas Reed
image number 1220939
image: 1220942
grave: 323650
Jane French
image number 1220942
image: 1220945
grave: 323651
William Satchell
image number 1220945
image: 1220946
grave: 323652
Thomas Leybourne Miller
image number 1220946
image: 1220952
grave: 323653
Jane Macdonald
image number 1220952
image: 1220954
grave: 323654
Annie Robertson
image number 1220954
image: 1220957
grave: 323655
Elizabeth Mallam
image number 1220957
image: 1220961
grave: 323656
Sarah Donaldson
image number 1220961
image: 1220962
grave: 323657
Thomas Henry Halliday
image number 1220962
image: 1220965
grave: 323658
Frederick Iliff
image number 1220965

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