(Neville) Roger Corbet-Milward grave monument in St Nicholas , Queenhill, Worcestershire, England

(Neville) Roger Corbet-Milward grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
(Neville) Roger Corbet-Milward
19998412 January 1915first name on monumentCommander R.N. Late Fleet Air Arm
Erna (julie) Corbet-Milward
20058918 August 1915wife of (Neville) Roger Corbet-MilwardErna von Tangen. Norwegian Resistance 1940-1945
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image: P1070423
grave: 321681
William Leslie Hart
image number P1070423
image: P1070424
grave: 321682
Steven Richard Schermer
image number P1070424
image: P1070425
grave: 321683
Jerry Schermer
image number P1070425
image: P1070426
grave: 321684
William George Tennant
image number P1070426
image: P1070427
grave: 321685
Mary Elizabeth Blount
image number P1070427
image: P1070428
grave: 321686
Henry Colin Weaving
image number P1070428
image: P1070429
grave: 321687
Audrey Violet Weaving
image number P1070429
image: P1070430
grave: 321688
Selwyn Bayliss
image number P1070430
image: P1070431
grave: 321689
Eunice Ann Rudd
image number P1070431
image: P1070432
grave: 321690
Edward Bartlett
image number P1070432
image: P1070433
grave: 321691
(Neville) Roger Corbet-Milward
image number P1070433
image: P1070434
grave: 321692
Terence Metcalfe
image number P1070434
image: P1070435
grave: 321693
Pauline Mary Lambert
image number P1070435
image: P1070436
grave: 321694
Gemma Leonie Sharp
image number P1070436
image: P1070442
grave: 321696
Dennis John Hardman
image number P1070442

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