Robert Barker grave monument in Grangetown cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

Robert Barker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Barker
Elizabeth Thomasine Barker
1910751835wife of Robert Barker
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image: 1170719
grave: 315431
Mary Armstrong
image number 1170719
image: 1170720
grave: 315432
Caroline Mary Watson
image number 1170720
image: 1170721
grave: 315433
Thomas Dixon
image number 1170721
image: 1170723
grave: 315434
Andrew Godfrey Rahn
image number 1170723
image: 1170724
grave: 315435
Charles Earl
image number 1170724
image: 1170725
grave: 315436
Isaac Whitefield
image number 1170725
image: 1170726
grave: 315437
William Kish
image number 1170726
image: 1170728
grave: 315438
Matthew Marrington
image number 1170728
image: 1170731
grave: 315439
Thomas Brown Thompson
image number 1170731
image: 1170732
grave: 315440
John Staff Barker
image number 1170732
image: 1170734
grave: 315441
Robert Barker
image number 1170734
image: 1170735
grave: 315442
Elizabeth Graham Panton
image number 1170735
image: 1170736
grave: 315443
Annie Ranken
image number 1170736
image: 1170737
grave: 315444
Jane Hogg Clark
image number 1170737
image: 1170742
grave: 315445
Mary Hunter
image number 1170742
image: 1170743
grave: 315446
John Young
image number 1170743
image: 1170744
grave: 315447
Charles Munro Barker
image number 1170744
image: 1170746
grave: 315448
Catharine Curtis
image number 1170746
image: 1170747
grave: 315449
George Thompson
image number 1170747
image: 1170748
grave: 315450
Thomas Lightfoot
image number 1170748
image: 1170749
grave: 315451
Ann Burn
image number 1170749

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