Ann Parkinson grave monument in Grangetown cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

Ann Parkinson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Parkinson
Mary Ann Thompson nee Parkinson
1896841812daughter of Ann Parkinson
Elizabeth Archer nee Parkinson
1882671815daughter of Ann Parkinson
Edward R Thompson
1874601814son-in-law of Ann Parkinson
Thomas Archer
1889771812son-in-law of Ann Parkinson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Ann Parkinson grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 315385)

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image: 1170641
grave: 315375
Robert Berkley
image number 1170641
image: 1170642
grave: 315376
Mary Thompson
image number 1170642
image: 1170643
grave: 315377
Thomas Thew
image number 1170643
image: 1170646
grave: 315378
Robert Burns
image number 1170646
image: 1170647
grave: 315379
Edward Potts
image number 1170647
image: 1170648
grave: 315380
Jane Wilson
image number 1170648
image: 1170649
grave: 315381
George Hudspeith
image number 1170649
image: 1170650
grave: 315382
William Wellbury
image number 1170650
image: 1170651
grave: 315383
John Ditchburn
image number 1170651
image: 1170654
grave: 315384
Eleanor Thompson
image number 1170654
image: 1170656
grave: 315385
Ann Parkinson
image number 1170656
image: 1170657
grave: 315386
James Melvin
image number 1170657
image: 1170662
grave: 315387
Thomas Harrison
image number 1170662
image: 1170663
grave: 315388
William Longstaff Hall
image number 1170663
image: 1170669
grave: 315389
William J L Watkin
image number 1170669
image: 1170670
grave: 315390
Matthew Hutchinson Heslop
image number 1170670
image: 1170671
grave: 315391
Elizabeth Lumsdon Hodgson
image number 1170671
image: 1170672
grave: 315392
Richard Hopper
image number 1170672
image: 1170673
grave: 315393
Margaret Wilkinson
image number 1170673
image: 1170674
grave: 315394
Sanderson John Howe
image number 1170674
image: 1170675
grave: 315395
Ann Young
image number 1170675

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