Joseph Shaw grave monument in Lawnswood (section T) cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Joseph Shaw grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joseph Shaw
Elsie Bedson nee Shaw
1971 daughter of Joseph Shaw
Noel Phillips Bedson
1950611889son-in-law of Joseph Shaw
Mary Shaw
1938681870wife of Joseph Shaw
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image: DCSF2902
grave: 313963
Joseph William Wedge
image number DCSF2902
image: DCSF2906
grave: 313964
John Eastwood
image number DCSF2906
image: DCSF2907
grave: 313965
Stanley Burnett Kay
image number DCSF2907
image: DCSF2908
grave: 313966
Percy Burrell
image number DCSF2908
image: DCSF2909
grave: 313967
Sarah Hodgson
image number DCSF2909
image: DCSF2912
grave: 313968
image number DCSF2912
image: DCSF2914
grave: 313969
Minnie Turner
image number DCSF2914
image: DCSF2915
grave: 313970
Fred Turner
image number DCSF2915
image: DCSF2916
grave: 313971
A Horace Cowper
image number DCSF2916
image: DCSF2917
grave: 313972
Blanche Watson
image number DCSF2917
image: DCSF2918
grave: 313973
Joseph Shaw
image number DCSF2918
image: DCSF2920
grave: 313974
Herbert Coupland
image number DCSF2920
image: DCSF2921
grave: 313975
Dorothy Hall
image number DCSF2921
image: DCSF2922
grave: 313976
Frederick Robert Hardingham
image number DCSF2922
image: DCSF2923
grave: 313977
Daniel Elwood Jobson
image number DCSF2923
image: DCSF2924
grave: 313978
Nan Borland
image number DCSF2924
image: DCSF2925
grave: 313979
Gaynor Suzanne Warner
image number DCSF2925
image: DCSF2926
grave: 313980
Jane Anne Pindar
image number DCSF2926
image: DCSF2927
grave: 313981
Robert Baker
image number DCSF2927
image: DCSF2928
grave: 313982
Frances Wood
image number DCSF2928
image: DCSF2929
grave: 313983
Herbert Walker
image number DCSF2929

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