Fred Lingard grave monument in Lawnswood (section Y) cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Fred Lingard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fred Lingard
Olive Cupit
1975781897relationship not given of Fred Lingard
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image: DCSF2390
grave: 313931
Henry Hinsley
image number DCSF2390
image: DCSF2391
grave: 313932
Sarah E Rose
image number DCSF2391
image: DCSF2392
grave: 313933
John Marsland
image number DCSF2392
image: DCSF2395
grave: 313934
Henry S Thompson
image number DCSF2395
image: DCSF2396
grave: 313935
Harold Kay
image number DCSF2396
image: DCSF2397
grave: 313936
John Haigh Craven
image number DCSF2397
image: DCSF2398
grave: 313937
Ernest Scholfield
image number DCSF2398
image: DCSF2399
grave: 313938
Richard Henry Hartley
image number DCSF2399
image: DCSF2400
grave: 313939
Muriel Huby
image number DCSF2400
image: DCSF2401
grave: 313940
Martha Ann Bartram
image number DCSF2401
image: DCSF2402
grave: 313941
Fred Lingard
image number DCSF2402
image: DCSF2404
grave: 313942
John Shepherd
image number DCSF2404
image: DCSF2405
grave: 313943
Alfred Clempson Seymour
image number DCSF2405
image: DCSF2406
grave: 313944
Eliza Ann Beastow
image number DCSF2406
image: DCSF2407
grave: 313945
Margaret Mary Coles
image number DCSF2407
image: DCSF2408
grave: 313946
Sarah Ann Hullah
image number DCSF2408
image: DCSF2410
grave: 313947
Emily Elwick
image number DCSF2410
image: DCSF2411
grave: 313948
George Jones
image number DCSF2411

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