William Heavisides grave monument in Oxbridge G burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

William Heavisides grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Heavisides
George William Heavisides
1902191883grand son of William Heavisides
Elizabeth Heavisides
1905771828wife of William Heavisides
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image: 3563
grave: 31211
John Moir
image number 3563
image: 3564
grave: 31212
William Broadbank
image number 3564
image: 3565
grave: 31213
Joseph Hinton
image number 3565
image: 3566
grave: 31214
William David Franks
image number 3566
image: 3567
grave: 31215
Betsy Ayers
image number 3567
image: 3569
grave: 31216
Winifred Barker
image number 3569
image: 3572
grave: 31217
Ada Gunson
image number 3572
image: 3573
grave: 31218
Mary Richards
image number 3573
image: 3575
grave: 31219
John George Wood
image number 3575
image: 3576
grave: 31220
Mary Jane Wall
image number 3576
image: 3578
grave: 31221
William Heavisides
image number 3578
image: 3579
grave: 31222
George Russell
image number 3579
image: 3580
grave: 31223
Richard Garbutt
image number 3580
image: 3581
grave: 31224
Duncan McNaughton
image number 3581
image: 3586
grave: 31225
James Harris
image number 3586
image: 3587
grave: 31226
Ann Berry
image number 3587
image: 3588
grave: 31227
William Cundall
image number 3588
image: 3589
grave: 31228
Eleanor Barker
image number 3589
image: 3590
grave: 31229
Charles B. Barker
image number 3590
image: 3591
grave: 31230
Elizabeth Ann Eleanor Bage
image number 3591
image: 3592
grave: 31231
A Downing
image number 3592

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