Gwendoline Aston Lindenmayer grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Eidsvold, Queensland, Australia

Gwendoline Aston Lindenmayer grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Gwendoline Aston (Gwen) Lindenmayer
Alfred Dudley (Dud) Lindenmayer
2001871914husband of Gwendoline Aston Lindenmayer
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image: eid0407
grave: 309696
James Phillip Bayles
image number eid0407
image: eid0408
grave: 309697
Wayne Eugene Schultz
image number eid0408
image: eid0409
grave: 309698
Joshua Dirk Vander Have
image number eid0409
image: eid0410
grave: 309699
Jeffery James Peterson
image number eid0410
image: eid0411
grave: 309700
Gordon Lloyd Tebbit
image number eid0411
image: eid0412
grave: 309701
Johannes Spoor
image number eid0412
image: eid0413
grave: 309702
Lachlan Mclean Smith
image number eid0413
image: eid0414
grave: 309703
Keith Charles Wagner
image number eid0414
image: eid0415
grave: 309704
Jennifer Irene Gaston
image number eid0415
image: eid0416
grave: 309705
Anthony Brian Steed
image number eid0416
image: eid0417
grave: 309706
Gwendoline Aston Lindenmayer
image number eid0417
image: eid0418
grave: 309707
Christopher John Robinson
image number eid0418
image: eid0419
grave: 309708
Jordan Wade Zipf
image number eid0419
image: eid0420
grave: 309709
William John Peterson
image number eid0420
image: eid0421
grave: 309710
Joan Netta Kirwan
image number eid0421
image: eid0422
grave: 309711
Charles Henry Jones
image number eid0422
image: eid0423
grave: 309712
Grace Adelaide List
image number eid0423
image: eid0424
grave: 309713
William Thomas Riedy
image number eid0424
image: eid0425
grave: 309714
Bradley John Fischer
image number eid0425
image: eid0426
grave: 309715
Ailsa Veronica Darlington
image number eid0426
image: eid0427
grave: 309716
Alexander Oscar Eggerling
image number eid0427

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