Mary Seidner grave monument in Municipal , Gayndah, Queensland, Australia

Mary Seidner grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Seidner
1946801866first name on monument
John Seidner
1949891860husband of Mary Seidner
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Mary Seidner grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 308760)

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image: gndh0907
grave: 308750
Emily Julia Mitchell
image number gndh0907
image: gndh0908
grave: 308751
Timothy Dakin
image number gndh0908
image: gndh0909
grave: 308752
Gordon Munro
image number gndh0909
image: gndh0910
grave: 308753
Roy Henry Emmerton
image number gndh0910
image: gndh0911
grave: 308754
Alice Isabel Bassett
image number gndh0911
image: gndh0912
grave: 308755
Francis Dennis Dales
image number gndh0912
image: gndh0913
grave: 308756
Hilda Miller
image number gndh0913
image: gndh0914
grave: 308757
John Henry Eadie
image number gndh0914
image: gndh0915
grave: 308758
John Ralph Kershaw
image number gndh0915
image: gndh0916
grave: 308759
H E Greggery
image number gndh0916
image: gndh0917
grave: 308760
Mary Seidner
image number gndh0917
image: gndh0918
grave: 308761
John Taylor
image number gndh0918
image: gndh0919
grave: 308762
James Emmerton
image number gndh0919
image: gndh0920
grave: 308763
Daisy Margaret Hafner
image number gndh0920
image: gndh0921
grave: 308764
Erskine Lindsay Dent
image number gndh0921
image: gndh0922
grave: 308765
Neva Isabel Dent
image number gndh0922
image: gndh0923
grave: 308766
David John Kilpatrick
image number gndh0923
image: gndh0924
grave: 308767
Percy Alexander Fortescue
image number gndh0924
image: gndh0925
grave: 308768
Charles Leonard Bergman
image number gndh0925
image: gndh0926
grave: 308769
Clarice Olive Bellert
image number gndh0926
image: gndh0927
grave: 308770
Henrietta Roth
image number gndh0927

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